Joseph Marsden

Software developer, Source modder, and sysadmin.


DRX Editor

C# application

DRX Editor is a secure dream diary editor application with support for password and certificate encryption. It has recently been ported to Xamarin and UWP for cross-platform support.

2016 - Present

Loiste Community

Discord community

Loiste Community is a Discord server that enables players of the game INFRA to converse and share their experiences. I also maintain the Stalburg Wiki, which hosts the wiki for INFRA, and MorkoBot, a Discord bot in C# that assists users on the server.

2016 - Present

Remnants of the Old World


Remnants of the Old World (ROTOW) is an INFRA mod I'm currently in the process of developing. It takes place after the events set in INFRA, on an investigation Mark needs to carry out.

2017 - Present

Project HELIOS

Personal compute

Project HELIOS is a personal compute project comprised of a rack of enterprise servers I maintain. This includes two DL360e Gen8s, a BladeSystem C7000 among other hardware. Services may be exposed at some point.

2017 - Present

Chaos Launcher

C# application

Chaos Launcher is a WPF application that provides a unified IDE to develop Source Engine game modifications. It supports a custom compile workflow editor with flowchart style compile customisation.

2018 - Present